What days are you open?

We operate on Thursday 10 – 4pm, Friday 10 – 4pm and Saturdays from 10 – 2pm.

We offer pick up from our home studio and local delivery every Thu, Fri and Sat.

Fresh Flowers how do they work?

Seasonal bunches change from week to week dependent on what is available at the market. The images you see on our website and our social media platforms are indications of our style and not what colours/flowers you will always receive in your order. We trust that you found us because you like our style so simply choose the size and let us work our magic!

How long do dried flowers last?

If they’re well looked after they should last a life time. Keep them away from heaters and direct sunlight and they don’t require water.

Can I request same day delivery?

No sorry, we only operate on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and require pre orders to be finalised by Thursday evenings at 8pm for Friday and Saturday deliveries.

Orders placed after 10am on will be delivered the following day. Orders placed after 10am on a Saturday will be delivered the following week.

Dried flowers, how can I get my hands on these?

We release a collection each week at our shop and endeavour to release a collection online mid week for pick up or delivery. Check our shop now range here

How do I look after my fresh flowers once I get them home?

Firstly, make sure the vase they’re going in has been cleaned thoroughly. We find using white vinegar does the trick to clean them out properly. Cut your stems on an angle and pop them into fresh water. Keep them away from heaters and direct sunlight and repeat the stem cutting and fresh water routine every second day. Some flowers will die quicker then others so you can simply take those ones out and enjoy the rest for as long as possible.